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Fracture/ sprain

Physiotherapy is important to avoid complications and enables speedy recovery in case of a fracture or sprain. Patients unable to visit a physiotherapist due to their injury receive home care physiotherapy and our physiotherapists guide patients on the use of assistive devices in their home environment. In case of a fractured bone, fracture reduction is done either manually or surgically and our skilled physiotherapists help you in regaining normal ROM (range of motion), strength, and optimum functional mobility.You may also engage in exercises to help improve your overall endurance or to strengthen the muscles around the fracture site.

If you break your leg or ankle, your doctor may have specific weight-bearing restrictions that you must follow.Our physiotherapist can help you maintain these restrictions to ensure that you do not put too much stress on the healing bone.

Everyone's fracture is different, and everyone heals at different rates. In general, a fracture should be healed by about 8 weeks, and you should be back to normal within 12 weeks of a fracture. Your physical therapist should be able to give you an idea of how long your rehab program is expected to last.