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In arthritic joints the stiffness and pain get worse by not moving the joints. Physiotherapy helps in arthritis by teaching you techniques on working out on your stiffness without further damage to your joints.


Physiotherapy plays an important role in a well-balanced treatment regimen for many types of arthritis. Physical therapy focuses primarily on non-medication treatment in restoring, maintaining, and improving physical function and also on the prevention and management of pain.

Our therapists mobility level, physical function and strength of a patient and also examine relevant imaging studies and laboratory tests. Using that assessment, our physiotherapists plan on a tailor-made treatment plan best suited to you.

Thermotherapy (application of heat or cold)

Heat or cold applied to affected joints is one of the chief tools in pain management. Ice packs before physical exercise normally provide short-term relief from swelling and pain.

Electrotherapy (nerve stimulation)

A common type of electrotherapy is transcutaneous nerve stimulation. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation interferes with the transmission of pain signals by the nerves to the brain. Electrotherapy is also used to reduce arthritic pains.

Manual therapy

To keep your joints mobile and reduce joint pains and stiffness, manual therapy as well as some range of motion exercises are used by our therapists.


Physical activity is crucial in managing arthritis. Exercises help improve strength, flexibility and mobility of joints and help improve a person's pain and aid in the overall well being. There common types of exercises are:

  • Active and passive range of motion exercises aid people with inflammatory-type arthritis and help in maintaining mobility in affected joints. They take joints through a range of motion as full as possible.
  • Strengthening exercises help people with arthritis to improve muscle mass and muscle strength.
  • General conditioning exercises help arthritis patients maintain healthy body mass and general fitness.