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Hip / knee Pain

Many factors may cause hip and knee pain. Sometimes repetitive strain on the joints such as sporting activities may cause pain in these major weight-bearing joint. Arthritis is a common problem in these joints. Painful hips and knees can limit a person's functional ability to walk, run, climb stairs and rise from sitting. Patience is paramount during physiotherapy programs as you will require follow-up visits.

Muscle strengthening around a damaged joint helps support that joint by taking over some of that joint's functions. The first muscle groups that lose strength in case of any hip or knee problems are the largest antigravity muscle groups such as the quadriceps and gluteals and our exercise regimen for any hip or knee injury will focus on these muscles

The proper balance of strength in the muscles can hold the joint in the most functional and least painful position.Our physiotherapist will help you on these issues to lead pain free life.