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Physiotherapy Assessment:

We do a complete assessment by taking history about medical conditions, current impairments, work and social.we also do all necessary objective examination such as joint ROM, muscle power, sensation, gait, bed mobility, endurance, posture and general activity in daily life.

Customized treatment plan:

A problem focused individualized physiotherapy management will be formulated by our registered physiotherapist. The goal oriented and patient centered rehabilitation strategies will be followed to get an effective outcome.Depends on the nature of problem and pre injury activities of each and every individual we will set a short and long term goals to reach the target such as full recovery or modification in their lifestyle.

Follow up and maintenance:

No one gets better in single treatment session, though feel much better after the initial visits it is important to reach one hundred percentage of recovery to avoid re injuries. We organize the subsequent visits to achieve the short and long term goals within timelines with effective rehab strategies.some conditions might need 8 to 12 weeks such as fracture management and some chronic or neurological conditions will take more than that. In that case maintenance physiotherapy would help to avoid further disabilities and complications.